my story

Isla and Hoo is a Welsh fashion and accessories brand for little Hoos, established and managed by me, Cara, a textile designer from Machynlleth, Wales. Why Isla? Why Hoo? Isla is my niece, my biggest inspiration who has helped illustrate and design this brand. Hoo is part of the title of Goody Hoo, my first collection designed for Isla. Isla and Hoo isn’t just a name, it has a great meaningful story, which inspired me to strive to create beautiful prints for everyday wear revolving around Isla and now Hoos too.

My vision has always been to design exciting textiles for children, for them to be fun, playful and aesthetically interactive. I believe, “in order to draw for children you have to imagine like a child and see the world through their eyes.” My creative process starts from intricate black ink drawings using a combination of observation and mythical imagination. I start by allowing the ink to form a story, each illustration brings it’s own character, mood and feel, finally finishing with a name. The illustrations come alive through the medium of digital software, where colour and composition are combined to create a little Hoo’s inspired print.

Isla and Hoo is a gender-neutral children’s label ranging from birth to four years. I carefully combine my own digital print with a simple stylish garment, allowing parents to purchase quality. My philosophy is to celebrate printed textiles, showcasing timeless design all year round. All designs are printed onto soft, quality cotton in the UK and products are then handmade, by me, with precision and care.

Isla and Hoo is a growing business and I would love for you to join me on my journey. I hope your little Hoo enjoys each product just as much as I love to design and make it.

Love, Cara